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Our goal at Morse Chiropractic & Physical Medicine in Lake City, FL is to help individuals have a higher quality of life. We do this by integrating all the services and therapies someone may need into one preventative or recovery program. By combining our services with our therapies, such as massage, PRP, or trigger point therapy, we can get to the source of the pain and improve whole body health.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves working soft body tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Massage therapy has many benefits for many ailments. Some use it to alleviate stress and anxiety, while others use it as a means to relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote general health and wellness. It’s also a beneficial therapy for expecting mothers.


PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, utilizes the healing power of your own blood to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. By isolating a concentrated amount of platelets and growth factors from your blood, these components are injected into specific areas of concern to promote natural healing. PRP therapy is a safe and effective option for individuals experiencing joint pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and other conditions that may benefit from enhanced healing and tissue regeneration.

Human Cellular Tissue Products

Human cellular tissue products are a cutting-edge advancement in regenerative medicine that harnesses the healing potential of your body’s own regenerative cells. These products are derived from carefully screened and processed human tissue sources, such as placental tissues and amniotic fluid. By utilizing these cellular tissue products, our regenerative therapies aim to promote healing and tissue repair in a targeted and effective manner. Through our innovative approach to regenerative care, we can help you overcome pain, restore function, and achieve optimal wellness, utilizing the natural healing power of your own body’s cells.

Trigger Point

Trigger point therapy is a specialized treatment that addresses trigger points – tight knots or bands of muscle tissue that can cause pain and discomfort. Our professionals use targeted pressure techniques and gentle stretches to release these tense areas, providing relief and promoting relaxation. Trigger point therapy can be beneficial for individuals with conditions such as muscle tension, chronic pain, or sports injuries. In addition to using trigger points through massage, it can also be treated using trigger point injections. Instead of steroids, we use plant-based products called Sarapin or Traumeel.


Bracing is a solution for immobilizing an area of your body to allow it to heal from injury, degeneration, or overuse. With the help of the expert practitioners at Morse Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, you can get fitted for a brace that’s comfortable and effective. Find out more information about bracing by booking an evaluation or by calling the clinic directly today.

Active Rehab

Active rehabilitation plays a crucial role in your recovery and overall well-being. We work closely with you to develop customized treatment plans designed to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance. Through targeted exercises, manual therapies, and modalities, we aim to optimize your body’s functional ability and facilitate a safe return to your daily activities.

Passive Therapy

For what conditions need passive therapies, Morse Chiropractic & Physical Medicine offers physiotherapy to support their healing process. We use various techniques, such as heat and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and manual therapies, to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue healing. These passive therapy treatments work best complemented with active rehab.

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